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December 14, 2008

Scam and Fraud Linkage

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* Will the financial world's collapse be bringing ever more high-flying crooks down along with it? (Links thanks to Charlton Griffin.)

* Steve Sailer wonders if these scam-collapses will result in a more general kind of power-shift.

* Steve also points out that China has its own decisive way of dealing with fraudsters.



posted by Michael at December 14, 2008


Obama is dirty as hell. There, I've said it.

So, the scam and fraud are about to go nuclear. Leftists keep trying to write off one or another of Obama's associations in Chicago as irrelevant to the sainted one's politics... but the sum total of those associations makes it clear that something very funny has happened...

The left, which decades ago reviled the Daley the Elder machine as the epitome of everything wrong with the world has now elected a member of the Daley the Younger machine to the presidency. The ward heeler politics of Chicago are now the politics of the presidency!

Back during my days in Chicago, the Daley machine fought against letting blacks have a share of the pie. That's all changed. Now black and white politicians connive together to steal as much as possible. The mechanism for stealing is exploitation of the racial quota system. Set up any enterprise as "minority owned" and start plundering! Install a Jesse Jackson disciple as the head of the shakedown, then divide the proceeds equally between Jackson's protection racket and Daley's thieves at the public trough. Sheer genius!

Obama, the king of the quota system, is uniquely qualified to lead this gambit. After all, he as his wife are products of the quota system. As president, Obama will prosecute the quota system with a vengeance. The president-elect will preside over the creation of a Chicago style system of graft, set-asides and cronyism in D.C.

Under Obama, everything will be for sale. Is this any different that what's going on now? Perhaps only by degree.


The only question is whether a Lone Ranger out there... a modern day Eliot Ness... will ride in to throw some of the thieves in jail. Will Obama himself be caught with his fingers in the cookie jar? He's said to only want the power, but his wife clearly wants the money. Stay tuned.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas on December 14, 2008 10:25 AM

One of the good things about recessions is that they kill off Ponzi schemes. In so doing, they expose them, showing us where they are and who the malefactors are. Another benefit.

Posted by: Lester Hunt on December 14, 2008 11:19 AM

"someone not affiliated with the firm removed several pieces of artwork from the walls and carted them away": in Britain there is the useful phrase "a decent, ordinary criminal".

Posted by: dearieme on December 14, 2008 11:30 AM

"For lawyers there now, ...they are just now figuring out that Mr. Dreier had let their malpractice insurance lapse, exposing them to enormous risk if they are sued..": aw, diddums?

Posted by: dearieme on December 14, 2008 11:32 AM

Forgive me for banging on, but this is all too funny. ".....such a highly sophisticated, massive fraudulent scheme": yeah, he told lies - so sophisticated.

Posted by: dearieme on December 14, 2008 11:37 AM

I thought it was funny that the Times devoted almost 5,000 words to the story yesterday, since it involved socialites losing money.

Posted by: Virtual on December 14, 2008 11:47 AM

"...James Baker expressed displeasure with West Bank settlements. The next year, Hillary's husband beat Bush 41. Coincidence?"

I was contemplating Mr. Sailer's remark when I noticed this statement by one of his commentators, a remark which will come as a startling revelation to Australians:

"Murdoch's mother is Jewish so maybe he has Jewish ethnocentric interests in Israel."

Then it all fell neatly into place for me. The Obama-Clinton-Murdoch consensus. All those Bernies and Sheldons...

The words of Jack the Ripper's graffittist just jumped into my head:

"The Juwes are not the ones who will be blamed for nothing."

Posted by: Robert Townshend on December 14, 2008 6:29 PM

Rupert Murdoch's mother is not Jewish.

Posted by: Steve Sailer on December 16, 2008 11:17 PM

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