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May 01, 2008

A Couple of Incarceration Links

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* Heather Mac Donald looks at the figures and concludes that the reason so many American jail prisoners are black isn't racism, it's that so many crimes are committed by black people. Sad fact: "From 1976 to 2005, blacks [13% of the population] committed more than 52% of all murders in America."

* The Washington Post reports that an overwhelming number of prisoners in French jails are Muslim. Molly Moore visits the Lille-Sequedin Detention Center and writes: "This prison is majority Muslim -- as is virtually every house of incarceration in France. About 60 to 70 percent of all inmates in the country's prison system are Muslim ... though Muslims make up only about 12 percent of the country's population."



posted by Michael at May 1, 2008


The beginning of the end of my association with, and any feeling of sympathy for the Woodstock leftist/commie/liberal groups was this:

I played many a community benefit concert in the Community Center, until the director hung a huge portrait of the cold blooded cop killer, Mumia, on the wall. Mumia executed a white cop in Philadelphia. He had already wounded the cop. He finished him off with a bullet in the face while the cop was on the ground.

The leftist/commie/liberals know the reality of black crime. They display it in their choice of where they live.

When I lived in Ft. Greene Park, long ago, black thugs were terrorizing not just the few whites and Indians, but the middle class black families who were trying to raise and educate their kids. Under Mayor Dinkins, the police virtually ceded the streets to black thugs. God bless Rudi Giuliani, he put them all in jail. No group benefited more form this than those black families.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas on May 1, 2008 12:44 PM

The romanticization of black crime and black criminals really does seem to do a terrible disservice to an awful lot of people, many of them black. I wonder if making the information about how bad things are more public might be a help. Certainly the lack of official honesty and feedback generally can't be doing anyone any favors.

Posted by: Michael Blowhard on May 1, 2008 12:58 PM

Michael, I can still remember when it was considered racist to mention the demographics and race of the criminals cited from Federal statistics.

One of the reasons that I can remember it is because it is still true today.

Just remember, when citing statistics, it is OK to mention the race of the victims, just not the criminals.

Posted by: Ian Lewis on May 1, 2008 1:25 PM

Richard Pryor had something to say about this subject 25 years ago...

Posted by: Charlton Griffin on May 1, 2008 3:36 PM

The victory of the "stop snitching" movement has removed the last link of the inner city to mainstream society and governance. Black people in the urban necroses have been intimidated into not speaking to the police even when they themselves have been victimized. Now the murderous gangs of young black males, empowered by the absence of the pathetically incompetent black father, can rule their rotting little empires with impunity, free from the one thing that could threaten their power--their own people demanding outside protection from their feral young overlords.

The betrayal of blacks by their own "leaders" is one of the most sickening aspects of the failure of black America generally. Jeremiah Wright railing against "middleclassness" and insisting that his church members live within tithing distance of his church, then decamping to a lily-white upper middle-class neighbourhood, is yet another instance of the sordid corruption--moral, spiritual, intellectual and economic--of the most contemptible leadership community in America--black leadership.

I hate them, actually.

Posted by: PatrickH on May 1, 2008 3:46 PM

Here is a NYT article that also concludes that the prison system is not particularly racist:

The US prison system is very harsh though compared to other first world prison systems in terms of both sentencing length and the type of offenses that will get you sent to prison.

Posted by: lemmy caution on May 1, 2008 3:47 PM

A couple of observations:

1. America's entertainment industry can scarcely be accused of racism - or, more accurately, of anti-minority racism - when it comes to the portrayal of criminals. Television crime shows rarely feature minority criminals, indeed if one goes by what's shown on TV one would be excused for thinking that the vast majority of criminals are, in fact, white. The various shows in the Law & Order franchise are particularly extreme in this respect, as Steve Sailer among others have pointed out. As I understand it, the recently cancelled HBO show The Wire occasionally showed minority criminals, but that's largely irrelevant because the show is, indeed, cancelled, and in any event being on a premium cable network its audience most likely was miniscule compared to free-TV offerings.

2. The WaPo's 12% figure for France's Muslim population is, by most estimates, much too high. It's more likely in the 6% to 8% range, 10% tops. What this means, of course, is that the Muslim percentage of prison inmates is even more disproportionate than the article notes.

Posted by: Peter on May 1, 2008 4:00 PM

Ah. The reason blacks are imprisoned more is that blacks are inherently criminals. Got it.

Stupid liberals.

Posted by: talvin on May 1, 2008 7:03 PM

As PatrickH notes, we've conceded control of our inner cities to young black thugs. The question is, what to do about it? More police? I believe if we tried that, we'd witness heavily-armed gangs engaged with police in door-to-door fighting currently seen in Iraq. And I believe America's enemies abroad would help arm these gangs to foster unrest in this country.

The dirty answer no one is ready to face is to remove the source of power from these gangs. And that is drug money. It would become very hard for these gangs to recruit if the leaders and their lieutenants weren't driving around in shiny black Hummers tricked out with fancy sound systems.

Posted by: Ron Smith on May 1, 2008 7:06 PM

Talvin, not all blacks are inherently crime prone, just a hugely disproportionate number as compared to other populations. Nuance like that is hard, I know, but please make an effort to keep facts straight. But yes, you are right, liberals are pretty damned stupid, or at least pretty damned insane/self delusional.

Posted by: scottynx on May 1, 2008 8:28 PM

I'll make a radical suggestion.

If you want to reduce black crime (and crime in general), you need to rebuild the industrial base of the US, so that high school graduates and dropouts can find some other way to make a living besides gangsterism/drugs.

Shut down the door to China. They can sell their goods to other Chinese. Rebuild the factories. That's the answer.

Posted by: BIOH on May 1, 2008 10:28 PM

BIOH, I owe you an apology. Your comment is eminently sensible.

Posted by: Peter L. Winkler on May 2, 2008 4:56 AM

BIOH, the white man didn't consign the black man to his place in today's society-they did it to themselves.

Just this week I read in Pravda, er, The Boston Globe, about a young women about to graduate from Wellesley College, Hillary's alma mater. Her family escaped the ethic cleansing of Croatia when she was 9, and lived on a refugee ship off the coast of Germany for 3 years. Upon being allowed to immigrate to the US, they settled in Revere, a gritty suburb just north of Boston. This young lady earned a scholarship to Wellesley, no mean feat from the rathole that is Revere High, and has a fellowship for graduate work upon graduation this month.

She related the tales of her youth in her homeland, and they were full of the same sorts of violence as an American inner city, only in a more wholesale manner. Why then can this girl, ignorant of the language and culture of our country, become such a success in 8 short years, when most inner city youth, growing up here and exposed to the routes to success, only graduate high school at about a 50% rate? Might it be the culture of the black community?

When Rev. Wright rails against "middle-classedness", isn't he abetting the continue marginalization of the black community (though his credibility, after building his retirement home in a exclusive gated community, is suspect)?

But I guess, as he says, it's a black thing, and I wouldn't understand.

Posted by: Brutus on May 2, 2008 8:30 AM

The reason blacks are imprisoned more is that blacks commit more crimes.

So yeah, stupid liberals. You got that right, talvin.

Posted by: PatrickH on May 2, 2008 11:05 AM

I never said that people aren't committing crimes. I said that all crime, including black crime, would go down if there were more jobs.

I guess people would say that there were lots more jobs in the 1960's and 1970's and black crime still surged. That's true, but then again far, far less people were in prison then too. I also think police departments lie about crime now, downplaying it and fudging the statistics.

What I do know is that crime surges in bad economies. So it is true that a bettter economy and better jobs means less crime. And since our country is now 30% non-white, and an even higher percentage if you figure in the people 30 and under, the economy is a big deal.

You won't get any argument from me that blacks commit far more crime than any other group. But given the fact that they are here and they ain't leaving, what other ways do we have to deal with it. I'd much rather they had jobs than be dependent on some form of dole. At least that would mean that they were working for the money.

Posted by: BIOH on May 2, 2008 12:26 PM

Sorry, BIOH. I was responding to talvin's preposterous claim that pointing out that blacks commit more crime is tantamount to arguing that they are "inherently" criminal.

Like Peter Winkler, I think your point is pretty good. Because liberals (publicly) deny the very existence of the left side of the Bell Curve, they can pursue policies that harm those people with a clear conscience. But...if we ask ourselves "How will x affect the left of the BC?", we come up with some very different policy recommendations for everything from immigration to sending manufacturing overseas. If we updated the Catholic "preferential option for the poor" to "preferential option for the [intellectually] poor", we would, IMO, have a rather different attitude to certain aspects of globalization than our current state of IQ denial permits us to express.

Posted by: PatrickH on May 2, 2008 1:46 PM

Sorry. In order to not be preposterous, I'll change that "inherently" to "they do it to themselves" to align with Brutus' quote there.

Posted by: talvin on May 2, 2008 6:19 PM

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