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March 13, 2008

Psychology Linkage

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* Dennis Mangan and visitors have a good try at explaining why populations, as they get richer, start having fewer babies.

* Rina confesses that she's pretty neurotic.

* Roissy has a theory ...

* Edward Hadas lists nine bad ideas economists have about human nature.

* A yoga class triggers off some humane, helpful, and brainy reflections for Dark Party Review. Yoga will do that sometimes.

* Henry Chappell wonders if it's possible to be crunchy and still shop at Amazon.

* So long to one of Italy's more common hand-gestures.

* Raymond Pert tries going without his mood meds.

* Glenda Cooper recounts the history of English romance-novel publisher Mills and Boone, and reviews the way romance-novel storylines and heroines have changed over the years.

* Prairie Mary muses about what it's like to have a "Pyrrhic Success." All of us have had a few of those, I suspect. You can now buy a copy of Mary's bio of her onetime husband, the western sculptor Bob Scriver, here.



posted by Michael at March 13, 2008


The contents are good enough to read, but if it was elaborated it would be much better. The style is also good and even the presentation.

Posted by: David Williams on March 14, 2008 6:43 AM

Roissy's theory is that there is a large number of young women who are fat, which over-inflates (heh!) the dating market value of any thin girl, no matter how otherwise plain. This scenario, according to the theory, causes a large number of men competing for relatively few women, and thus (1) Game was begat; and (2) women's egos [ahem!] balooned. Ideal conditions for cynicism and antagonism thrive.

I agree with the gist of what Roissy is saying, but I also think that he is overlooking another major factor in the skewed men-women ratio: age.

The dating market is basically men aged 18-50 competing for women aged 18-28.

While many people aged 28-up are married and thus for the most part out of the equation, divorce is common and divorced men over 35 jump right back into the dating market, while divorced women over 35, in my observation, rarely do so, especially if they have no children or their children are old enough to not need a new daddy.

Posted by: PA on March 14, 2008 7:31 AM

The clips are interesting, and good enough. It would be better if it was expanded. One should give a good presentation, which is done here.

Posted by: Jen on March 18, 2008 9:23 AM

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