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January 30, 2008


Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* Polly Frost interviews the entrepreneurial erotica publisher Tina Haveman.

* Chris Johnson alerts me to the fact that the Deep Blues Festival will be held this July in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. Tix go on sale in just a few days.

* Lexington Green gives "Cloverfield" a rave.

* It looks like the battle is all but over and Blu-Ray has won.

* Boatloads of trippy bliss for Mandelbrot-set fans.

* It's now official: Hello Kitty has conquered the entire world.

* Is there really such a thing as a nerd who knows how to dress? I mean, besides Steve Jobs? (Link thanks to Tom.) Incidentally, a lot of guys could benefit from the advice at that site.

* Grant McCracken muses on the significance of the demise of the dining room and the rise of "the great room." (Link thanks to The Communicatrix, who recalls the smelly process of giving up smoking.)

* Gotta love the logic of Wall Street.

* Girish reviews the film magazines.

* Steve Sailer ventures some well-judged election-horserace commentary.

* When you lose 180 or 200 pounds ... Er, well, your skin doesn't exactly shrink up tight around your newly-svelte figure, does it? Jimmy Moore and Kent Altena tell what it's like to deal with the dreaded "loose flesh."

* MBlowhard Rewind: Back here, I visited a slaughterhouse and watched a carrot being picked.



posted by Michael at January 30, 2008


I think we've been over the Fashion for Nerds website before. It's not abysmal, but it's not the go-to place either.

1) Their cardinal rule is "If at all possible, ask a woman's advice." Bzzzt, please surrender your balls and do not collect them until you learn how to dress yourself.

Girls will make you look overly trendy and fashionable -- a little can be fine, but girls overdo it, since that's what they're used to. And if she's your gf / wife, she will want to make you look bland so as to not attract the looks of strange women.

Moreover, "going to the source" of who you're trying to impress smacks of desperation, like those 30+ women trying to get married who run focus groups to see what men would like, or who ask their date what went wrong so they can improve.

2) Their #2 best dressed nerd is described as "cool and trendy looking," but in reality looks like an 11 year-old boy who just went back-to-school shopping with his mommy.

The #1 best dressed nerd has his necktie conspicuously undone -- so insecure. "Oh my god, please don't judge me as stuffy... um, er, look, I'll loosen my tie just to prove it to you!" It's so unnatural that it's unsettling. If you want a haphazard look, tie it normally but make the dimple a bit less perfect and instead of letting it hang perfectly straight down, set it somewhat askew. Looks less fussy / pristine, but also looks natural.

A safer and better starting place is Alan Flusser's *Dressing the Man*. They may have to ask around clothing forums how to make the looks more age-appropriate if they're 20-somethings, but that's not too hard.

Posted by: agnostic on January 31, 2008 12:00 PM

yes, agnostic has nailed it. never let a gf/wife dress you. they will put you in clothes that hide your sexy masculinity. and hip girl buddies are no good either because they'll use you like a dress-up mannequin to experiment with the latest fashion fads. your best bet if you absolutely need a girl's advice is to go shopping with a platonic girlfriend who carries a romantic torch for you. she will dress you sexily because it feeds her fantasy of winning over the hot guy, while the shopping excursion will seem like a date to her, opening the door for a little mclovin.

otherwise, just observe what the alpha males wear and emulate it, but add a touch of your own style. i recommend the "dress to impress" DVD for starters by the guys who run pickup101.

Posted by: roissy on January 31, 2008 2:23 PM

To second agnostic and third roissy, women claim to be attracted to safe Mr. Domestic but dream of being swept away by scary Mr. Dangerous.

On top of that, with the exception of Gates and the guy from The Office and a third (can't think of his name) the other 9 of those featured on this supposed nerd site aren't nerds at all. They're attractive even featured types. False advertising.

Posted by: ricpic on January 31, 2008 5:13 PM

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