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December 14, 2006

Military Funds Go Poof!

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

Anyone whose blood-pressure is in need of a boost should benefit from this brief CBS report about the American military's inability to keep tabs on its own funds. Grabber fact: $2.3 trillion is, essentially, MIA. $2.3 trillion! That kind of money could pay for a lot of holiday iPod cheer.



UPDATE: Tim Worstall shows that it isn't just the U.S.'s government that knows how to throw away taxpayer money.

posted by Michael at December 14, 2006


Our Founding Fathers warned us that government is the enemy of the people. The bigger governments are, the more corrupt, unaccountable, and dangerous to their citizens they become. Government cannot be reformed, only limited or overturned. They always take away freedom and the people's wealth, sometimes quickly, and sometimes incrementally (like here in the US), but always they take more, not less.

Don't be fooled by tax cuts. The money is still spent by borrowing, which can be thought of as future taxation. We have an unscalable mountain of debt here. Just think of your future taxes! Or the ultimate tax--debasement of the currency--if they can't get your money out of you, they take the purchasing power of what's left as a tax!

And some people think we need more goverment, as in national health care, more social programs, etc! Socialism is the road to tyranny because it is the road to big governement, the same as fascism or militarism is the road to big governmeent and therefore, tyranny. Reality never seems to set in with these people. They always think government can be reformed. A pity.

The ruination of a once great country. The Greatest. Filled with thieves and dreamers. Or nice folks who just want to be left alone. Where has this ever occurred?

I would say something funny, but this is not funny at all. Two and a half trillion dollars. Stolen. My God. And people are yawning!

Posted by: BIOH on December 14, 2006 9:37 PM

A trillion here, a trillion there; pretty soon you're talkin' real money.

Posted by: ricpic on December 15, 2006 7:14 AM

In the topsy turvy world we currently inhabit it is perhaps unsurprising that this is one result of Karl Rove et al's successful efforts to have Republican (supposedly conservative) control of all three branches of government. How much, one wonders, of the two and a half trillion have ended up in the hands of Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, Bechtell and so on? Remember those "no bid" contracts?

Ah, but no doubt, despite the surplus as far as the eye could see when Bill Clinton left office, the answer will be to blame the left and elect more from the right.

Posted by: Chris White on December 15, 2006 9:29 AM

The notion that this becomes an argument against national health care is ludicrous. Only the U.S. military could lose $2.3 trillion. The combination of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus complete abdication of congressional oversight under the Repubs (with "emergency" appropriations bills coming like clockwork every few months), means that huge sums of money are being dumped into a very black hole thousands of miles aways.

This is the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned against in full flower.

Posted by: Steve on December 15, 2006 1:57 PM

When a Democratic government fucks up, it's the Left's fault. When a Republican government fucks up, it's the fault of "big government." In other words, it's the Left's fault.

Only the military could lose 2 trillion dollars because only the military has access to that much money. But yeah, it's the social programs that are bankrupting this country.

Posted by: the patriarch on December 15, 2006 3:35 PM

But see, this is why you can't ever do anything about big government. When it fails (a la 9/11) it gets...bigger budgets!!! Kind of a replay of the situation during the 1930s when the failures of the Federal Reserve led to a doubling of the size of the Federal government.

I just gotta get me a government job. No possibility of failure, no accountability, no worries, period!

Posted by: Friedrich von Blowhard on December 15, 2006 3:45 PM

Steve, Patriarch, and Chris White think there is no HUD, Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid fraud amounting to trillions of dollars too. Hahahaha! Yeah, sure!

The degree to which people think little of this is amazing. They turned it into an anti-Bush and Republican rant. Obviously, that's all that they think about. As if many of the generals, contractors, and bureaucreats in the agencies weren't appointed by both parties, as if this hasn't gone on for many more years than Bush's presidency. Its amazing how ignorant people are of how government actually works, its history and the tyranny of big government. See, their faith is unwavering. So they are easy pickens. They think it is a left and right issue, when the tyrannies of big government happen irrespective of the left or right politics of the ruling parties. Even as the nation hurtles toward bankruptcy, corruption on an unprecedented scale, and creeping totaltarianism.. Two and half trillion stolen, and all they can come up with is a Bush rant. Unbelievable!

FvB--isn't that just the truth? It always keeps growing--it never gets smaller. It always passes more laws, comes up with more projects, always takes more money in taxes and fees, and grows and grows until it collapses, or is overturned in some sort of revolution. At least that is what history shows us. You would think fun facts like massive theft would dissuade the true believers, but what is faith if not irrational? its not the government workers that are making out like bandits--its the political insiders at the top, both in and out of government. Yep, a big money pot guaranteed by taxation that every corrupt scamsketeer is drawn to like a moth to a flame. Well, the true believers will find out soon enough. Please pay for your own flu shot.

Posted by: BIOH on December 15, 2006 10:42 PM

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