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November 24, 2006


Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* Daniel Green takes issue with my recent posting about Gold Medal Books.

* Insects are weird.

* The Onion's A.V. Club movie critics come up with a smart and smartly-annotated list of movie flops that are nonetheless worth watching.

* Rick Darby thinks that our elites have turned against us.

* Target is marketing some very interesting fashions these days.

* Seska recalls a few first times. (NSFW)

* Peckinpah-buff alert: Amazon's current price on the DVD of the reconstructed "Major Dundee" is $7.49!

* Seattle lefty John Moe dares to spend time in the GOP heartland. "I met a ton of nice people there," he reports. "They were warmer and more welcoming than most big-city Democrats."

* Clark Stooksbury volunteers the names of some people we'd do well to ignore on the subject of Iraq.

* Michael Bierut recalls growing up in a suburban "snout house."



posted by Michael at November 24, 2006


Reading that piece by Michael Bierut (is there any writer whose surname is more often misspelled?) makes me rather sorry I have no place I can really call "home." I lived in five separate apartments/houses between the ages of six and 18, and there was something transient-feeling about each one. It makes me somewhat rootless, for lack of a better term.

Posted by: Peter on November 24, 2006 6:34 PM

The Moe piece about visiting the heart of darkness... the red states caught my interest.

I was once a liberal, once a conservative, and now I just don't care.

The belief on both sides of the divide that liberals and conservatives are different kinds of people... well, it's just nonsense. In the most primitive way, both sides are engaging in that great human passion, dividing up into tribes and attributing all glory and honor to their own tribe.

I do find the liberal belief that they know something about sex that the unwashed masses don't know perfectly ridiculous.

I ran away from conservative Illinois when I was still in my twenties, in the belief that I would find a different kind of people in San Francisco and New York City. Turned out that people in those locales are driven by exactly the same things as were people in my little home town.

One difference that I do find in the midwest and south these days is greater tolerance. Politics is religion in San Francisco and New York City. The sanctimony of the left in those cities is just overpowering. See the recent South Park episode in which San Francisco disappears up its own asshole because its citizens can't resist snorting their own farts.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas on November 25, 2006 8:55 AM

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