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September 12, 2006


Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* What's it like when illegals move into the neighborhood?

* Lynn turns up a well-done online Maj-jongg game.

* Colleen is now a columnist! In her first installment, she offers a lot of good advice for actors.

* Dr. Weevil enjoys a sly joke from Yasujiro Ozu's "Early Summer."

* Jerry Flint thinks that Chrysler shouldn't mess with the PT Cruiser. (Link thanks to Virginia Postrel.) A nice line from Flint: "It is no secret that designers hate retro. They think that borrowing from the past is an insult to their sensitive talents." Too true.

* It's interesting how few gals take part in projects like this one, isn't it?

* Anne Thompson says that the new Brian De Palma / James Ellroy film "The Black Dahlia" is "dark, sexy, brooding, nasty. The L.A. noir mystery boasts several fabulous cinematic set pieces for cineastes to froth over." That's my kind of picture! Well, one of them anyway.

* Robert Samuelson thinks that we don't give enough recognition to that informal thing that he calls "the American learning system": "community colleges; for-profit institutes and colleges; adult extension courses; online and computer-based courses; formal and informal job training; self-help books." (Link thanks to Joanne Jacobs.)

* Interesting to see that Spain -- or rather the country's socialist government -- is getting tougher on illegal immigration. It's time to put an end to the idea that the debate on immigration sorts itself out according the usual left / right categories.

* Here's another absurd male physical-prowess display.

* Rod Dreher recalls how waking up from the leftist dream hit him.

* Lex thinks highly of Jackie DeShannon.

* Neil Kramer lets his penis do the talking.

* David Chute has parked a lot of his postings about and reviews of Bollywood movies here.

* I love the drawings at this very touching website.

* A great line from Alice: "The world is full of people who think they are being ground breaking when they're just being daft." Note to self: start using the word "daft."

* Someone has put a few thousand of Pauline Kael's short movie reviews up on the web. Can this be legal? (Thanks to Dave Lull.)

* Tyler Cowen comes up with a list of real-life experiences a budding economist should have.

* Wristwatch sales are declining as more people check the time by consulting their cellphones.



posted by Michael at September 12, 2006


Thank you! And I agree strongly with every word I said.

Posted by: Alice on September 12, 2006 6:44 PM

Funny thing about Spain and other southern Euro countries is that, though they've been the most influenced by libertarian socialism, and so usually show up with the largest protests against whatever (as a proportion of the population), the libertarian streak means they stress federalism and "leave us be"-ism more than elsewhere. Perhaps b/c they were late to industrialize, but who knows. It's a lot like how the American labor left was w.r.t. immigration -- not even 100 years ago. Now they help organize illegal immigration marches!

Another thought on why southern Europeans might be more eager to deal w/ illegal immigration -- the Mediterranean way of life is pretty sweet, and they want to keep it that way. Any threats to it, even by a group whom it would be non-PC to mention, are felt more forcefully. Whereas the way of life in Britain as far back as any living Briton can remember wasn't anything to shout about -- aside from basic freedoms that any Euro country has, I mean. So if it becomes a bit more of an alienated pig-sty, who cares?

The interesting case to look at would be France -- the French way of life is also pretty sweet, and the French too want to keep it so. But they seem to be as wimpy as the British in dealing w/ illegal immigration. Not the whole story, but I think the contrast between "what the quality of life used to be like" and "what the quality of life has become" is greater in southern Europe, partly accounting for why they're more pissed off and willing to put their foot down.

Posted by: Agnostic on September 12, 2006 8:57 PM

The PT Cruiser - oof! My wife's first comment on seeing one of those babies on the road remains for me the last word on the subject: "That looks like a mini-van with a mid-life crisis!"

Posted by: Whisky Prajer on September 13, 2006 10:05 AM

Interesting historical notes:

1) Candace Bergen got dumped by her first serious boyfriend in highschool (Terry Melcher, Doris Day's son) when he took off with Jackie DeShannon. She had a pink convertible of her own and a hit record, and Candace just couldn't compete.

2) In a recording "out-take" from the Beatles, John Lennon interrupts singing "I Am the Walrus" by saying "I have to quit writing such daft lyrics." I think the word "daft" is great, too, but it also amused me (along the lines of what Alice was saying) that everybody was searching for all the hidden meanings in Lennon's lyrics, while he ackowledged they were just daft.

Posted by: annette on September 13, 2006 10:10 AM

Agnostic, "libertarian socialism " is contradiction in terms.
It made all your other musings irrelevant.

Posted by: Tat on September 14, 2006 11:10 AM

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