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March 13, 2003

Department of Male and Female Relations


I’d like to nominate Kim Cattrall for an award, Most Flamboyant Gesture in Ending a Relationship. The relationship in question is with her 3rd husband, Mark Levinson (the co-author of Ms. Cattrall’s recent book, “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm.”)

A couple of days ago I happened to glance at the March 17 copy of People Magazine, in which the two are described as “taking a break.” As the story reports:

Why? “No exact reason,” says a friend. “No one is dating anyone else. It just happens.”

This story of a relatively amicable split was belied the next morning, however, when I was standing in line at the checkout counter of my local 7-11 and caught a glimpse of the cover of FHM (“For Him Magazine”) for April. Who is posing in just a shirt and a pair of underwear? You guessed it, Ms. Cattrall.

Before and After

But the best part is the quote on the cover from Ms. Cattrall:

I prefer younger men.

Ouch! I have no idea what really went on here, but based purely on the available evidence it looks like Mr. Levinson must have done something really, really bad.

I don't know about you, but I've been dumped once or twice with a certain amount of flair (granted, a quality that is easier to appreciate with the distance of a few years.) Anybody out there got a good dramatic-gesture-in-the-context-of-a-breakup story?



posted by Friedrich at March 13, 2003


A girl I had dated in high school ended up at the same college as I, even though I had gone out of state. We had had a "long distance" relationship back in high school, my reason for breaking up with her. She suggested, when we met again in college, to go out to dinner to talk about old times. That went well, so she asked me to go to a play with her. She wore the sexiest dress I'd ever seen in real life at the time (seen some doozies, since, thank the Lord). It included a slit skirt that went all the way up one of her legs. As we headed for the elevator, all the guys in the common room of the dorm literally wooped and cheered. The slit on her dress had buttons on it, and at one point during the play it seemed one button way high had come undone because it was showing a little more than leg, so I told her. Rather than button it, she looked me right in the eye, a sexy little grin on her face, and said, "Don't you like it?" Well...

Anyway, that night, back in the dorm room, things were getting to the "kiss her you fool" moment, so, given our history, I asked if she was interested in dating again. Up to that point she had been leaning towards me, flirting much, but when I asked that, she leaned back with a really cold grin (it was like a scene in a movie), and said, "That's all I've been waiting for. No. We will not date. I just wanted to get you all wound up and then drop you like you did me, so you know how it feels." The she got up and walked out.

Posted by: Yahmdallah on March 14, 2003 12:34 PM

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