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February 01, 2003

Blog Surfing

Friedrich --

Is there no end to the good blogs? It's amazing how many people are both sensible people and good writers -- who'd have thought such creatures existed in such numbers? And even if, who'd ever have known, prior to blogging?

Some of my latest finds:

  • Jim Ryan at Philosoblog is finally getting around to his long-promised discussion of the work of John Kekes, and it's a multi-part corker, here.
  • Paul Mansour runs The Scourge of Modernism, a blog devoted to giving modernist architecture a little what-for. Too bad he doesn't post more often, but when he does it's worth paying attention to, here.
  • Alice Bachini, the Libertarian Parent herself, has kicked off another blog, Rational Parenting, here.
  • At Cybrarian at Large, Liz L. does a little me-blogging, and writes about this and that. But she always seems to find her way back to cultural matters, especially what should be done with the WTC site, here.
  • And a couple of amazing meta-blogs, sites that incorporate typical blogging material but much else as well -- total cranial environments, perhaps: Jeff Ward's brainily seedy and literary Visible Darkness (here), with a focus on writing itself, photography and (good for him) grotty bars; and Alan Sullivan's lyrical and contemplative Seablogger (here), all about Tolkien, the weather, sailing, life in the midwest, and more.

Humbling! But in a good way.



posted by Michael at February 1, 2003


Hi, blowhards. Total cranial environment? Heh! Certainly preferable to cranio-rectal insertion...

Thanks for the kind words. I share your feeling about the bloggerverse. The internet is finally realizing its potential. All that broadband investment is paying an unexpected dividend (though it ruined a lot of the original investors). My list of recommmended links keeps growing.

I love your Sekimori design. One of the neatest layouts in bloggerdom, though slow to load via land-line. I'm particularly fond of those little wire-and-plug dividers.

Lacking tekkie tricks like RSS feed, I watch my traffic on the referrer log, and I noticed an immediate bump from your not-so-rare readers this morning. Again, my thanks.

Posted by: Alan Sullivan on February 2, 2003 9:48 AM

Thanks for the tips. I just checked out Visible Darkness and found it quite interesting. Mr. Ward's enthusiasm for his enthusiasms is quite stimulating.

Posted by: Friedrich von Blowhard on February 3, 2003 1:34 PM

Visible Darkness has been one of my favorites since I found it a few months ago, although there are so many in my list I can only rarely get around to reading even to my "favorites." I am amazed by the number of unique and high quality blogs that I've been finding lately. When I first started reading weblogs almost a year ago I bookmarked every one I found that was even halfway readable. Now I'm finding more good ones in one day than I used to find in a week. And I want to read them all.

Posted by: Lynn on February 3, 2003 3:06 PM

The two most consistently entertaining and funny are James Lilek's "Bleat":

And Dooce's:

This is not counting present company, natch.

Posted by: Yahmdallah on February 4, 2003 10:46 AM

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