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January 15, 2003

Free Reads -- Murphy on Muschamp

Friedrich --

Philip Murphy at his blog The Invisible Hand (dedicated to "Vital Information About Islamofascism, Euro-snobbery and Lousy Modern Architecture"), in an eloquent rant about most of the new WTC design proposals, takes some well-aimed shots at the New York Times' ludicrous "architecture critic," Herbert Muschamp. The posting is readable here.

Sample passage:

I’d love for Muschamp to occupy an office on the 120th floor of Norman Foster’s absurdly inhumane “kissing towers.” Yeah Herb, just take this express elevator to the sky lobby, then wait for the local, walk down a couple of dark over-air conditioned corridors, and your desk is right up against that inward-slanting plate glass window with southern exposure.

A bit hot in there? Oh well, that’s the price you pay for culture.

Do you enjoy hating Muschamp's work as much as I, and apparently Philip Murphy, do?



posted by Michael at January 15, 2003


Philip Murphy makes me feel so inadequate as a 'blogger. I mean, just to quote one other passage:

Muschamp, of course, recognizes that these designs are unrealistic . . . but that’s what make them so great. “Don’t they see that attempting the impossible is the whole point,” he practically bellows from the page wild-eyed with the sheer audacity of it. You see, as an elitist, Muschamp has to constantly keep pushing himself into realms were common folk can’t follow. Ugly, unbuildable, ridiculous scribbles that have no hope of ever be constructed, “why yes, it’s brilliant. Bwaahahaha!!!”

I may have to hang it up. It's tough dealing with genius.

Posted by: Friedrich von Blowhard on January 15, 2003 7:52 PM

He's too good! What more remains to be said? Time to retire that particular blogging Oscar. Here's hoping Muschamp gets a look at Murphy's posting -- although he's so perverse, and so loves being defiant, that he might adore reading it. I try to restrain my own enthusiasm for hating Muschamp for fear of adding to Muschamp's delight -- I'm sure he picks up the vibes...

Posted by: Michael Blowhard on January 15, 2003 11:39 PM

What I love is reading his occaisional non-architechure peices - I remember in particular his long, um, meditation on Gladiator. I was halfway through it, thinking, "Who the f*ck does this idiot think he is?", until I I went back and read the byline. Then I was able enjoy it, knowing that it wasn't supposed to make sense...

Posted by: jimbo on January 16, 2003 9:36 AM

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