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September 27, 2002


Friedrich --

Do you marvel, as I do, at the paucity of cultureblogs? Political blogs are everywhere you look, me-blogs everywhere else. But cultureblogs? Not even enough to fill a screening room.

Here are the pure culturebloggers Iím aware of:

* The one-of-a-kind personality-kid and opera buff, Sasha Castel, here. (She does let fly on politics from time to time, but -- blush -- who doesn't?)
* Kelly Jane Torrance, a newcomer to blogging and already the leader in the race for the yearís ďmost classyĒ award, here.

Thatís it, though there are other web enthusiasts who do something related. Pro writers, for instance, often include a blog as part of their personal site. An example:

* The wittily resourceful and entertaining sci-fi novelist Neil Gaiman, here.

And then there are the hybrids, bloggers who occasionally comment about the arts:

* The fearless and ever-thoughtful A.C. Douglas, here, seems to split his blogging time about equally between politics and the arts.
* Dave Trowbridge brings together his interests in sci-fi, German Shepherd dogs, religion, and poetry, here, showing a mind that's both mystical and down-to-earth, opinionated yet open-spirited.
* The Canadian journalist Colby Cosh can give Andrew Sullivan some serious competition in terms of sheer volume of brainy-words-on-politics published daily. He pauses occasionally, though not often enough, to make an observation or a crack about rock and movies, here.
* That impossible-to-categorize, multipurpose giant Steve Sailer (evo-bio specialist, immigration skeptic, movie reviewer), does what only he can do here.

And there are the sites that might well be considered metacultureblogs.

* Mobylives, delivering some of the best-informed inside-publishing chat available anywhere, here.
* Arts & Letters Daily, here, for whom the ďbest of the webĒ Oscar has already been retired.

Lord knows Iíve spent too much time surfing the blogosphere looking for fellow culturebloggers. But itís still possible Iíve missed many, many sites. Do you know of any others? Do any readers out there know of any others?

Culture fans: Donít be such wimps! For godís sake, stand up for your oddball set of interests! If you donít, who will? Set down roots in the blogosphere while thereís still room! Donít let the general culture pass you by yet again! Assert the importance of the aesthetic! Go! Go! Go!

Culture fans, sheesh. Gotta love Ďem. Gotta kick Ďem in the butt occasionally, too.



posted by Michael at September 27, 2002


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