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August 20, 2002

Carla Gugino

Friedrich --

Glad to hear "Spy Kids 2" is enjoyable. I thought the first "Spy Kids" movie was pretty much of a blast, and think that the guy who makes them, Robert Rodriguez, is just about a perfect pop moviemaker. He seems impish, energetic, good-humored, unafraid of silliness and flamboyance, and full of fizz and humor. His scripts could be better, but just about all of his movies have a pop lift to them. Did you see his high school horror movie, "The Faculty"? Pretty good!

Carla Gugino, by the way, is the actress who plays spy mom -- by my lights, one of the sexier movie moms ever, right up there with the mom in "Murmur of the Heart." She was in that De Palma movie "Snake Eyes" (I didn't like the movie and didn't take much note of her). But I liked her in a small role in "The Center of the World" (lousy DV would-be "Last Tango" -- although I cheer the effort! -- for the digital age, but with Gugino and an elegant Canadian actress I love watching, Molly Parker).

And I liked her a whole lot in a lousy movie called "Jaded," where she had the lead. An oddball, not-good issue movie, but at least the issue is, believe it or not, lesbian rape -- Carla gets raped (whiskey bottle, if I remember right, and I'm enjoying the effort) by a couple of lesbians. But she really does act the pain, betrayal and fury well, and is hot, fiery, lush and emotional to boot.

carla gugino 4.jpg
Carla Gugino

I found her particular package -- the cutie-pie, Sally Fieldesque round face emitting the "dramatic" voice, the blazing but solemn eyes, the toned-but-ripe Italian body -- a little confusing at first, I confess. Now I'm a big fan. Confusing can be good, I have to remind myself sometimes.

I wonder whether she'll become a star or turn out to be one of those glamorous, good actresses who never quite becomes a star. And whose time finally passses. It's not like I feel sorry for, say, Madeleine Stowe or Annette O'Toole (both them stars in my book). They work, they make tons of dough. But I do puzzle over why some actresses win stardom and some more-plausible (to me, anyway) ones don't. Why is, for example, Andie Macdowell a star -- or why was she for five minutes? Once the equipment is in place (glamor, accessibility, skill, etc.), is it really just a matter of a lucky hit or two?



posted by Michael at August 20, 2002


I agree completely! Carla is a very skilled actress, but she doesn't work as often as I'd like. Of course, she's now starring in a T.V. series with good commercial potential. It's a cop drama based on the Jennifer Lopez character from the movie Out of Sight. I hope it works for her...

Posted by: Theron on July 1, 2003 11:22 AM

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