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September 06, 2003

Jargon Update

Friedrich --

Remember that recent posting (here) where I spent some time marveling at how sexed-up girls are these days, as well as how young some of these girls are? 2Blowhards visitor Mark Worden wrote in to pass along some hilarious slang terms I hadn't run into. Here are two ways of referring to sexed-up girl-children: prostitots, and eleventeen ho's. And here's a name for college girls who are sluttishly gotten-up: sorostitutes -- sorority plus prostitute.

Mark points out that he didn't invent these terms; they're currently in use among kids. Some semi-scholarly online references: here and here . That second link, by the way, takes you to a page that features some other neat new slang terms too.

Thanks to Mark Worden.



posted by Michael at September 6, 2003


"Stoof: an array of things that happen to be funky fresh." OK...that doesn't help me out at all. Is it age?

I think "sororisluts" is a little more fun than "sorostitutes."

Did anbody but me catch Britney's latest pearl of wisdom? "I just think we should support our President no matter what he does. I think we should just be behind our President and not criticize him." Oh dear. She'll never get to be Madonna that way, no matter how much lesbian kissing she does. Who knew the day would come that I would long for Madonna's....substance?

Posted by: annette on September 6, 2003 03:44 PM

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