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June 14, 2003

Mini Link-o-Rama

Friedrich --

Life's been busy, I've been even more disorganized than usual ... So just a quick once-over today.

* Evan Kirchhoff has been wrestling with computer games, spam, and Canadian politics (Canada has politics?), and has been making sharp point after sharp point (here).
* Tim Hulsey (here) continues his first-rate Intro to Film History series with a posting on "Chimes at Midnight," writes a refreshingly ambivalent piece about Gay Pride Day, and does some thinking about live vs. animated action movies that'll interest a lot of 2Blowhards visitors.
* Over at the engaging new pop-culture blog called The Bizness (here), the pseudonymous blogger is full of enthusiasm and energy. If Tim Hulsey is the refined and articulate observer of the movieworld, The Bizness -- uncouth and overexcited, yet with a puppydog sweetness -- is like the movieworld's id.
* Alexandra Ceely (at Out of Lascaux, here) has been lively and searching, with thoughtful postings about medieval and postmodern art, and about beginning to collect Hawaiian shirts.
* All we bloggers have our warmer and our cooler streaks, and part of the fun of following blogs is keeping up with these cycles. The hottest cultureblogger I'm aware of at the moment is David Sucher at his architecture-and-town-planning blog City Comforts (here). He's only a couple of weeks into blogging and is clearly overflowing with energy and things to say. He'll be terrif even if and when he slows down a bit, but lord knows there's a special thrill in catching someone while he's on fire. Short sample:

A diverting and comfortable city --- check this out for yourself --- is not made of a series of 'brilliant' designs but is a fabric woven according to well-understood rules. Some of the buildings may indeed be indifferent as pieces of architecture. But they fit together to create good streets.

Great stuff: in three sentences, David says 9/10s of all anyone really needs to know about architecture and neighborhoods. It's a pity -- a tragedy, really -- that so many of the architecture critics and schools have lost track of these basic, but important, principles.
* Polly Frost (here) seems to be edging back into quirky blogging life again, having put up one of her too-rare but always insightful postings, this one about the new Lukas Moodysson picture "Lilya 4Ever."
* Lynn Sislo (here) has been generous and inventive with links, has written reflective short essays about writing and racism, and has begun a series of postings on Classical Music 101.
* Brian Micklethwait (here), writing about the architect Michael Graves, has some caustic and sensible things to say about design in general.
* Two of the most civilized culturebloggers out there -- Alan Sullivan and Will Duquette -- have moved their blogs onto Moveable Type -- yay to that -- and have new URLs. Alan's Seablogger is now here, and Will's View from the Foothills is now here. Adjust those bookmarks.
* And, Yahmdallah visits a few strip joints, here.



posted by Michael at June 14, 2003


I'm proud of Yahmdallah for taking his wife to a strip joint. No guy I've ever dated has been willing to take me to one---I don't know if they were too embarassed for me to see them there, or what. So I've never been to one. Although, I imagine one would be enough. A gay friend of mine who has not come out of the closet to his straight college buddies met up with these buddies for a reunion, and they, for old time's sake, went to a strip joint they used to frequent in college. He called me on his cell phone from this jaunt and said, "I'm in a titty bar---and I have to pretend I want to be here!!"
The things people do...!

Posted by: annette on June 14, 2003 07:46 PM

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