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September 14, 2002

Funny Bloggers

Friedrich --

Though no longer totally new to bloggerdom, I continue to be amazed by the number of smart, funny, and free-thinking bloggers out there. Many of them make the conventional media look like a bunch of stiffs.

This morning I find myself wondering, for my own whimsical reasons, "Who’s the funniest blogger of them all?” Lileks? Hmm: He’s a pro, and his Bleats, while brilliant, are pulled-together pieces. He’s playing a different game than the one I'm thinking about. How about people who toss off a lot of stuff on the run, in true blogger spirit?

Allowing for the fact that there are seventy-nine quadrillion people whose blogs I haven’t yet had time to sample, I’ve narrowed my personal “funniest blogger” competition down to three contestants. On the right is IMAO (site here), who has as good a brainy-redneck act down as I’ve ever run across. Here's a sample:

Search Engines are the Opiate of the People
Now China has blocked AltaVista in addition to Google just to make it clear to everyone they're still evil Commies. They can't have information going unfiltered to their populace making them realize how much better life would be if they just lynched all the Reds in charge. There doesn't seem to be any official statement on either AltaVista's or Google's webpage, but hopefully they'll do the proper American thing by responding, "Screw you, you stupid Commie bastards!" and then make one result of every search something embarrassing to the Chinese government.

On the other hand -- no, actually, also on the right -- is Natalie Solent (site here), a wiz at libertarian-party-girl chat. Natalie?

Stolen: one peal of thunder.
The Blogger Sex War enters its second day. Godless Capitalist and Mrs Elizabeth Capitalist join forces in Gene Expression to make all my best points before I could in response to this post about sexism by Meryl Yourish. Letter from Gotham fires off a few salvos, too. Scroll up, down and sideways for more highly provocative commentary. (Did you know that in blind auditions orchestras hire more female musicians? That Venus Williams ran a 5:29 mile when she was nine years old?) Though I have to say Diane E misses the point about Stephen Den Beste. Although I am not well enough informed myself about Israeli politics to say which of the two is stronger on that topic, surely a high proportion of his audience consists of technically-minded men to whom what she refers to as an "overlay of wargame theories that look to me as if he got them from science fiction novels" is a feature not a bug.

And finally here's Scott Ott, whose blog is called ScrappleFace, here. He shows the Onion how it's really done.

INS to Probe Breaches in Microsoft Windows
(2002-09-12) -- The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) launched a probe today to determine how many illegal aliens are actually entering the U.S. through gaping holes in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Good work from all our contestants! Big Media, are you reading?



posted by Michael at September 14, 2002


Check out Jim Treacher. Dangerously funny.

Posted by: Kurt on September 16, 2002 11:32 PM

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