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May 23, 2009

Listening by Yourself

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* As the Sony Walkman turns 30, A.N. Wilson is wondering if the little gadget destroyed civilization. (Link thanks to ALD)

* How the iPod changed the world.



posted by Michael at May 23, 2009


A.N. Wilson is either an idiot or liar.

Sony Walkman's didn't destroy Britan. Immigration destroyed Britan. If he wonders why youths in Britan have god-awful music plugged in their ears whenever they are on the trains, its because they are afraid to speak to each other. White Brits want nothing to do with Carribeans or Muslims in Britan. The Carribeans and Muslims want nothing to do with each other. Having an IPod in your ears gives you an excuse to "mind your own business" and have nothing to do with any other passenger that you wish wasn't there.

Liberals think that if these groups could just be "forced" to be friends, that they'd all interbreed soon, and we'd have one wonderful "new" British race and everything would be hunky dory, but its not going to happen. They prefer their own. All of them do. The muslims most of all. Britan's policies have made working class men expendable in Britan, and have generated a huge underclass that pays for women to have babies without fathers. Of course its a dirty, violent place now. What on earth did they think would happen? These childless men with no families, overtaxed and increasingly underpaid, who are just a support check for some woman, are not *invested* in the society at all, hence they dont care about anything other than fufilling their most base desires.

Blame it on Ipods and Walkmen. I love it, is there any lie that they wont tell us?

Posted by: miles on May 24, 2009 1:25 PM

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