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April 11, 2009

Sex Linkage

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* When in doubt, today's young woman wants to mow the lawn.

* Take a tour of's facility. FWIW, and like it or not: Kink is generally thought to be making some of the most striking, stylish, and far-out current porn. Interesting that Kink also wants to be perceived as a good urban citizen. San Francisco, eh? Here's an interview with Peter Acworth, Kink's English-born, Columbia-educated CEO.

* If feminists are going to make their own porn, why shouldn't they sponsor their own feminist porn awards?

* Great gig.

* So maybe not every woman is a morally-upright, polite, team-playing darling, and maybe there can be such a thing as too much estrogen. Who knew?

* Ashley Dupre (of Eliot Spitzer fame) has been finding some calm by practicing yoga.

* Enough, finally, with feminist "sex-positivity." Chicks, eh? Guys don't generally spend a lot of time worrying about whether sex is "good" or "bad," let alone "positive," let alone "politically correct."

* All that said, it seems that more and more men are going sex-negative.



posted by Michael at April 11, 2009


Speaking of sexual stuff, Woodstock is about to go through its annual feminazi hysteria over domestic violence: our very own V-Day!! The town will spend the entire weekend obsessing over domestic violence.

I thought about writing about this for the Woodstock Times, but I'd rather not have my house burned down by the feminazis. So, I'll have my say here.

I've lived part-time or full-time in Woodstock for over 30 years. The cause of domestic violence in Woodstock is painfully apparent to anybody who wants to see. Our little village is full of women who have children with multiple partners and drag their children from one home to another, forcing them to accept the latest swain as a father figure. This is a guaranteed recipe for domestic violence. In other words, the refusal of hip, liberal women to put the interests of their children above their desire to get laid is what causes domestic violence in Woodstock.

The Vagina Monologues play will feature an audience of precisely the kind of women who are most responsible for domestic violence in Woodstock. The sleep around, revolutionary sexual roles, nobody-tells-me-what-to-do crowd will be precisely the folks who attend these fund raisers for the prevention of domestic violence.

Yet, I guarantee you that the villain they perceive will be the dread patriarchy.

For the modern break-down-the-traditional-family liberal, every solution is permissible except for moral and discrete behavior. For some reason, we can't demand that women moderate their sexual behavior in favor of the interests of their children. We have no hesitation in demanding this of men.

As I said, I'll stay clear of this event. The feminazis are a fascist clique. No telling what they would do.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas on April 11, 2009 3:26 PM

I found the Ashley Dupre of Spitzer fame intro blog piece, together with the Richard Simmons intro of her that's next down the page, to be quite touching. That's despite a fair bit of cynicism about these things on my part.

BTW, she might well have been better off doing a playboy spread. I'm talking long term.

I'm now quite interested to hear about her conflicts and changing attitudes towards all this.

Posted by: dougjnn on April 11, 2009 4:53 PM

Re the men going off sex link to a British Sun.

First the feminist female writer offers this airy, how could sane men possibly have a problem with this, explanation:

The modern woman, confident and comfortable with her own sexual needs and desires, is making men wilt. Literally.

Then when she quotes a frustrated young woman as a case in point:

The closer we became, the more Russell realised I was more confident than him and more financially secure — and the more his interest in sex seemed to wane.

Uh yeah. It's about the great majority of men want a leadership role, overall, in the bedroom. (Though role reversals can be exciting at times too.) Welcome to a bedrock human reality feminists.

As well this particular woman seems to have quite a history. Of course that's going to make a much less experience man uncomfortable and in many cases very much so. At the least it would take delicate handling on her part.

Well she obviously should have married like you say. Yeah. If she could find like, probably an alpha, the kind with any stability, who would marry her. Evidently she couldn't. Since there are alot more hottish girls who play with alphas than there are alphas in this feminist media and education and feminist mom beta male creating wonder of a time particularly in the anglosphere, no wonder this comes up in gen Y, now that feminism's had a change to work on emasculating boys from birth.

As slumlord said on the last "sex linkage" comment thread a week ago:

Most men married to a woman with low libido, grumble along and accept the fact that they will have to do with the scraps that they get, they sort of resign themselves to their fate.

Women on the other hand, who are married to a man with a low libido, feel that the man HAS A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW!

And when it isn't they get divorced. As the Australian links he gave showed. See below.

Still, a few years into marriage it's overwhelmingly (90%) women who go largely off sex, rather than men. Link.

Posted by: dougjnn on April 11, 2009 5:28 PM

Shouting Thomas--

I completely agree with you that the "victim" SHOULD often be blamed.

The idea the the victim never should be is ridiculous.

Posted by: dougjnn on April 11, 2009 5:46 PM

I'm going pretty sex negative.
Given a choice between a prime Cohiba and a woman in the bed, I'll go for the Cohiba anytime.

Oddly, the choice always seems mutually exclusive.

Posted by: Spike Gomes on April 11, 2009 7:37 PM

Male = Masculinity (Strength, Protector, Promiscuity, Care Provider)
Female = Femininity (Attractiveness, Submissiveness, fidelity, Care Giver)

Masculine is attracted to Feminine and vice-versa.

Recent cultural changes? Government abrogation and assumption for the provision of 'care' traditionally provided by male power (economic, security, housing, health care, schooling/child care).

Net result, decreased masculinity of males and increased masculinity of females.

Posted by: Niko on April 11, 2009 9:37 PM


Great comment. In the similar vein, its well-known that many child molestation involve step-parents or boyfriends of the child's mother. In fact, I feel free to say this because of the anonymity here, my cousin was molested by her step-father at the age of 3. Her mother did *nothing* to protect her child yet the step-father was the one who eventually got in trouble.

The mother should have been somewhat to blame for letting this continue. Either that or shot in the head.

Posted by: Chuck on April 12, 2009 3:44 PM

More Devlin has been posted:


Posted by: anon on April 12, 2009 11:40 PM

"The mother should have been somewhat to blame for letting this continue. Either that or shot in the head." - Chuck

Hate to tell you, something similar probably happened to your cousin for her to accept the abuse of her own child. I've also seen how divorced parents going through one intimate relationship after another in front of their child can destroy that child's sense of any kind of appropriate behavior in a romantic relationship while simultaneously leaving them desperate for love and security.

Posted by: lynx on April 13, 2009 1:49 AM

Hate to tell you, something similar probably happened to your cousin for her to accept the abuse of her own child.-lynx

You're quite right, bad behaviour is frequently learned by observed example. Separate nice kids from bad parents and break the cycle of trashy behaviour.

Posted by: slumlord on April 13, 2009 2:31 AM

lynx, slumlord:

my cousin is actually an exception to that rule. she came to grips with her molestation and abuse in her early 20s after wild teenage years...she's now a very responsible, albeit overly protective mother...her mother (my aunt) is jobless and into meth...she's got the guilt that goes along with being a crappy's probably the worst guilt of all.

Luckily my cousin, who is strong willed, was able to break the cycle herself before it continued. it also helps that her husband is a stand-up guy that made it easy for her to do so.

Posted by: Chuck on April 13, 2009 3:15 PM

"Net result, decreased masculinity of males and increased masculinity of females."

Agnostic believes that high starch diets are to blame.

Posted by: hello on April 13, 2009 8:33 PM

Note that the "lawnmowing" girls video has been dropped from Creativity web site.

BUT...Thank G-d, you can find it on the Web:


Posted by: hagbard45 on April 17, 2009 11:39 AM

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