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February 02, 2005

Another Elsewhere

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

* Many thanks to visitor "Saint-Exupery," who points out a rip-roaring new group blog, The Conservative Philosopher. What a cast list: Mr. What-is-Conservatism himself, John Kekes; the great Roger Scruton; Jim Ryan, fondly remembered from Philosoblog days; and many writers whose thinking I'm looking forward to getting to know. In my ideal world, Crooked Timber and Conservative Philospher would spend three weeks a month making civilized points and gentlemanly arguments -- and a week a month bashing each other over the head with folding chairs, World Wrestling Federation-style.

* Whiskyprajer finds that the cost of living in California has been giving him second thoughts.

* Warners is doing a firstrate job of moving their film library onto DVD. First there was the film noir collection; now comes a boxed set of classic gangster movies. How's this for a lineup: "The Public Enemy," "Angels With Dirty Faces," "Little Caesar," "The Petrified Forest," and "White Heat." Essential viewing at a great price. I haven't personally inspected either package, but all reviewers seem to agree that the discs are beautifully produced. "Top of the world, Ma!", at least for filmbuffs.

* Google for video!

* The stylish and witty blogger Martine turns out to be a stylish and witty amateur photographer too.

* Here's more on how to stay slim while eating like a sensualist.

* Sexed-up punk noir? Co-directed by the snappy entertainer Robert Rodriguez and the graphic-novel mega-talent Frank Miller? Starring Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Mickey Rourke? This is a case of: I don't care if the project works out perfectly, I just want to show up and see what it's like. Here's a taste of "Sin City." But why isn't the gorgeous Carla Gugino featured in the trailer? If Carla's footage has been cut, I'll be one very, very disappointed moviegoer. The film opens April 1st.

* David Fleck reports what it's like when gals and guys face off in Trivial Pursuit.

* This probably represents some kind of breakthrough, though I'm not sure whether to applaud or groan.



posted by Michael at February 2, 2005


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