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October 25, 2003


Dear Friedrich --

Finally, what the world's been waiting for: an all-boys linkfest. Radical 'roid ranting! Or something like that.

* Tyler Cowen asks why women like cads, here.

* Aaron Haspel knows how poetry should be taught, here. Mike Snider's got some thoughts on the matter too, here and here.

* George Hunka (here) is reading a book I've wanted to catch up with for years, Auberon Waugh's famously testy autobiography "Will This Do?"

* Obnoxious, overcaffeinated white guys who are bursting with exasperation sometimes make me laugh a lot. Maddox (here), for example: I find him hilarious. Here's a great rant about the "Matrix" sequel, and here's the best review I've read yet of the "Lord of the Rings" movies. I especially liked Reason #2.

* Felix Salmon's got the lowdown on not-for-profit credit-counseling services here. Not a sexy-sounding post, granted. But I bet it'll hold your interest.

* Steve Sailer's got the lowdown on how the GOP won the California election, here.

* Evan Kirchhoff sharpens his bushido sword and does to "Kill Bill" what Uma, in the movie, does to her opponents, here.

* So, Michael Eisner: devoted blog-reader or not? Gerald Vanderleun can't help wondering, here.

* Speaking of the recently-canned Gregg Easterbrook, Scott Chaffin makes a gallant effort to cheer up the blogger and former ESPN sports guru, here.

* Ionarts has some thoughts about the big Gauguin show in Paris. Here's part one -- scroll up and you'll see two more postings on the topic.

* Alexis does some sharp thinking about depression, modern life and drugs, here.

* Brian Micklethwait has a good word for perfectionism, at least when it comes to performances of Brahms on CD, here.

* Ian Hamet is amazed that he now loves some Western movies, here.

* Terry Teachout suspects that some of the people who say they don't like anything modernist have simply missed a few of the more likable modernist things, here.

* Does more money always make people happier and more satisfied with life? Andrew Norton reviews some of the evidence, here.

Yo, dudes!!! Alpha-bloggers forever!!! (Note to videotape editor: Insert sound here of football helmets clacking aggressively together. And how about some backlit, slo-mo footage of brawny fists tossing cold, dripping, job-well-done beer cans to each other?)



posted by Michael at October 25, 2003


What else are Saturdays for? Hand me my chainsaw...

Posted by: Scott Chaffin on October 25, 2003 7:45 PM

*chuckle* I especially liked: Cowen, Salmon, and Alexis. Being a modern woman, I won't hold the fact that they're guys against them. ;P

Posted by: Courtney on October 25, 2003 9:23 PM

I say, "Go Maddox." Would you call his site a 'blog, or like what?

Posted by: Friedrich von Blowhard on October 26, 2003 1:53 AM

Kudos to Evan Kirchoff whose remarks on "Kill Bill" are smart and "smart" appropriately!
Tarantino has "mucho talento" but seems to be "over the top" in trying to top the violence of Columbine and contemporary America. Hopefully in February Vol II will reaffirm his satirical brilliance.
Leave the comics for other countries!

Posted by: lynford on October 26, 2003 12:11 PM

Galadriel as a lesbian? Feh.

Posted by: Deb on October 26, 2003 6:47 PM

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