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December 29, 2005

Women Who Convert to Islam ...

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

An interesting article comes from the Christian Science Monitor's Peter Ford, who notes that more Western Euro converts to Islam are female than male. What do these women find in Islam, he asks?

Mary Fallot [one such convert] laughs when she is asked whether her love life had anything to do with her decision. "When I told my colleagues at work that I had converted, their first reaction was to ask whether I had a Muslim boyfriend," she recalls. "They couldn't believe I had done it of my own free will."

In fact, she explains, she liked the way "Islam demands a closeness to God. Islam is simpler, more rigorous, and it's easier because it is explicit. I was looking for a framework; man needs rules and behavior to follow. Christianity did not give me the same reference points."

Those reasons reflect many female converts' thinking, say experts who have studied the phenomenon. "A lot of women are reacting to the moral uncertainties of Western society," says Dr. Jawad. "They like the sense of belonging and caring and sharing that Islam offers."

Others are attracted by "a certain idea of womanhood and manhood that Islam offers," suggests Karin van Nieuwkerk, who has studied Dutch women converts. "There is more space for family and motherhood in Islam, and women are not sex objects."

Do we laugh at such women for finding modern Western life so difficult? Do we entertain the thought that modern Western life might be a little lacking in certain dimensions? Or, y'know, are broads just like that? (Link thanks to John Ray.)



posted by Michael at December 29, 2005


I'm a Sufi and there are considerably more women than men in our order.

Posted by: winifer skattebol on December 29, 2005 09:12 PM

The article's title - "Why European Women Are Turning to Islam" - is the sort of sensationalism one would not expect from the Christian Science Monitor. Read on, and you'll see that "several thousand" European men and women convert each year. Not only is that number imprecise, it's also utterly miniscule when compared to the European Union's population. How many Europeans convert each year to Judaism? To Mormonism? To fundamentalist Christianity, assuming the word "convert" is accurate in that context? We don't know, at least based on that article.

Posted by: Peter on December 29, 2005 10:44 PM

Dear Fellow Blowhards,

Presumably this person was a Christian beforehand. It follows that she is a heretic, bound to everlasting time in Hell.

Her reasons are nonsense. “Islam is explicit”; in what way? In the way it is essentially murderous of infidels? Oh but that is such a misunderstanding of Islam some would say. At what precise point in history is that a misunderstanding? Let me guess. Today? Yea, really.

So the heretics “like the sense of belonging and caring and sharing that Islam [pretends] offers.” The heretics forgot the Blessed Virgin who does nothing but belong to the Catholic Church, cares for every single believer and heretic, and shares her perpetual help. Sample the hideous uttering and silence of the peace-loving, god-fearing Islamic community here and abroad. Their sound of silence is deafening. Sure one can find some deceived Christian moron to bully; but this does not lead to theological understanding.

“Womanhood” among Islamic peoples is total subjugation, unless one happens to belong to an unknown teeny-tiny “enlightened” sect. Get ready; but better yet get back to Catholicism. Mother Mary will hear all your problems and petition the Christ to relieve them. Womanhood among Islamic women means they will ultimately succumb to the horrific Islamic insane status of a persona non grata. The lunatic Islamic peoples cannot name a single Islamic culture where women are respected. Why? Give me one example you lousy fools; let us get it on.

The Blessed Virgin, a figure purportedly recognized by some Muslims. She would not consider making pleas on behalf of a pedophile bent on the murder of infidels instead of conversion. I’ll stop here to allow stupidness to follow; such is a much better teacher than I.


Posted by: Paul Henrí on December 29, 2005 11:51 PM

In his novel "Elementary Particles" Michel Houellebecq's writes about one French protagonist's mother, who was the embodiment of 60's era self-actualization pursuing hippie/whore/free spirit. At the end of her life, she converted to Islam. This is a kind of trajectory that excessive individualism takes, seems to be the authopr's point. A competition to out-individualize oneself among other individualistic white/modern people. You know - party, break taboos, tattos, dye your hair, join the peace corps, and then - finally - convert ti Islam. "Wow, can you outdo that!" seems to be the statement. Ain't post-Christian cradle-to-grave Euro paradise ocialism something?

Sometime in the early 70s, I worked an Arab country, and by coincidence, I ran into an Eastern European woman who was living in an apartment building where I was staying. It turns out that she had married an Arab student in her native country, followed him to this place, and at his insistence renounced her native citizenship. Her native Commie embassy wouldn't do anything for her. She was a lovely blonde woman in her late 20s, living the rest of her life in that little apartment. She was lucky compared to some other women, being allowed to correspond with her family.

Posted by: Hugh on December 30, 2005 08:28 AM

PS - sorry about all the typos above.

Posted by: Hugh on December 30, 2005 08:35 AM

"I'm a Sufi and there are considerably more women than men in our order."

I have a sudden desire to turn (or should that be "whirl"?) Sufi.

Posted by: Robert Speirs on December 30, 2005 01:43 PM

Do we entertain the thought that modern Western life might be a little lacking in certain dimensions?

I think that the answer is "Yes, it is lacking in certain dimensions".

I think that for many people in the West who are not devout Christians, or devout PC Liberals, or devoted to some other religion are lacking in a moral framework.

For most of our (Western) history we were given "guidelines" on how to live a good life. Many of those values were thrown out in the last 50 years as Moral Relativism and Self-Expression took over.

Until we help create a Framework based on Science, or Religion, or Morality, or Darwinism or all of the above, many people will remain lost and empty.

The only ones left who will be confident in their life's work will be those that are already devoted to some religious beliefs.

Posted by: Ian Lewis on December 30, 2005 01:52 PM

Check out this book as well (Forgotten Queens of Islam, by Fatima Mernissi):

Posted by: winifer skattebol on December 31, 2005 03:11 PM

"Islam is simpler, more rigorous, and it's easier because it is explicit. I was looking for a framework; man needs rules and behavior to follow. Christianity did not give me the same reference points." It wasn't Christ who blurred the framework, rules and behavior, it is many of our modern day Christian churchs who are so PC that they are turning their collective backs on the simple, beautiful and loving truth of the Lord and started doing a moral game of twister in order not to be vilifed by the national media and the fring groups. As the mother of a daughter and granmother of 2 beautiful granddaughters, the last thing I want is a blue or black sheet covering them in 100 degree heat. Maybe there is something wrong with Islamic men if just the mere sight of a female in normal dress will drive them to unspeakable sins.Maybe they simply don't have any self control and should be working on that problem, instead of subjectaging their women. I was at a swimming pool with my family one day, and saw an islamic family, the women entering the water, wrapped in black clothes from head to toe, and the men,how? swimming trucks. Please! It's a mircle that they didn't drown. I wander if the men would have been upset if a male lifeguard had pulled them out before they went under for the last time,or if that insulted their masculinity and honor as well.

Posted by: Wene on January 1, 2006 01:52 PM

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